Licenses purchased by an organization for use within the company.

Per Server


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Licenses purchased by an individual for personal use.


$9.99 / user


Perpetual Fallback License Save 17%

$99.99 / user


Ironman Bundle

$149.99 / user

PowerShell Pro Tools and PowerShell Universal.


Feature Comparison

Below you'll find a comparison of features between a free and licensed instance.

Feature Free Licensed
OpenAPI Integration
Authentication and Authorization
Rate Limiting

Feature Free Licensed
Access Controls

Feature Free Licensed
PowerShell Apps
Blazor Apps
Authentication and Authorization

Feature Free Licensed
Admin Console Authentication and Authorization
Git Synchronization
SQLite Support
SQL Server Support
Debugging Tools
Module Management
Enterprise Authentication
Enterprise Authorization

Frequently Asked Questions

How many licenses do I need?

PowerShell Universal is licensed per instance of the PowerShell Universal server. You can connect to as many servers via your scripts as you'd like from a single server. If you purchase an enterprise license, you can run as many instances of PowerShell Universal as you desire within your organization

What's the difference between an individual and organizational license?

Individual licenses are intended for users purchasing for themselves. These licenses are assigned to the named user. Organizational licenses are purchased for an organization. Learn more on our License Comparison page.

Do you provide quotes and process purchase orders?

We're happy to process quotes and purchase orders. You can actually generate a quote yourself through our payment process. If you still need assistance, please email [email protected].

How do I access my license key after purchase?

Once you have purchased a license, you can create an account at Please use the same email address as the one you used when purchasing.

Do you work with resellers?

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] to request a reseller quote. If you would like to contact a reseller, you can find a list of resellers here that sell our products.

I'm tax exempt. How do I remove taxes from my order?

All of our orders are fulfilled with FastSpring. You can request a tax refund by contacting FastSpring support.